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Jul 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
everything is bigger in texas. that is what is so neat about this restaurant. they traveled the country to find the best barbecue. >> i'm proud of you. use your sleeves. i will do the chicago lean. put it out in front of you so trips back on the floor. but i'm proud of you. ava marie admission barbecue -- at mission barbecue. dew points are in the 60's. the dew points will be going up over the next several hours. this front is inching its way back up towards maryland. we could see a couple of thunderstorms. we have seen a few drifting over southern maryland. that will stay south of baltimore. a mixture of sun and clouds. high temperature between 90 and 95. look out for lightning if you take the boat out. most of the fireworks go off after sunset tomorrow. 40% chance for a thunderstorm. a better chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow. high temperature of 92. thursday, friday, saturday, the upper 90's. we're hoping a stronger front will break this weather pattern and get the temperature back into the 80's on monday. >> the ongoing efforts to restart efforts to 169,000 marylanders. nadia ramda
Jul 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
accident in taxes on sunday night. -- in texas. a tire blowout on a pickup truck causing it to crash into a tree. the crash is now being investigated by immigrations and custom officials. >> the drought in the midwest could dry up recent savings at the pump. ethanol is made from corn and is an ingredient in gasoline. tree growers are concerned about the drought's effect on certain crops, including christmas trees. most companies are done laying off companies for the year, according to a survey. 70% of the companies have no layoff plans through the end of the year. airline tickets may get more expensive -- big surprise there. more families are concerned about sending their children to college. we have more in the bloomberg business report. >> no secret that college costs are on the rise. 3/4 of adults with teenagers are concerned about whether they will be able to offer enough help. 30% are not likely to help out on the front -- 13% of parents are not likely to help out. concern about europe on the global economy. stocks severed a big drop on concerned a global economic crisis could b
Jul 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
, texas -- when randall the ball that a car broke down he could not afford the repairs so he kabul together the borders bicycle with motors from an electrical longueur, scooter and a truck to make the contraption. i guess the dog does not like it too much. because of his tribrid because it looked -- uses two different kinds of power. one runs and 60 miles to a gallon. >> how long does it take him to get anywhere? from toyota, talked-about a compact car. 7 feet, up two and a half inches long and three and half week -- feet wide -- can go 31 miles in a single six-hour charge starting at $8,400. toyota hopes to sell 3000 of these tiny cars this year. it has already been proven to be popular with a major japanese convenience store chain which plans to use it for home delivery service. don't go on highways. >> excuse me as a park my car. there we go. >> you cannot get on a highway with that -- don't get on the highway. don't buy anything. >> still ahead, we look at the morning's stop stories. >> plus, a look back at the life of one of the generations favorite tv dads, and the griffith.
Jul 20, 2012 6:00am EDT
into texas, that will translate into 100's today out in the plains. the stormiest weather for new york down to atlanta, that's all the stormy weather that's still in the area. the rest. country in general is in pretty good shape, very hot in the central part of the nation. pacific northwest does have a rain chance today, and it will be the coolest spot with highs only in the 60's. more on the forecast locally with flood watches in effect coming up. >> thank you, john. 6:36, 73 degrees on tv him it's not always easy buying a house even with interest rates as low as they've ever been. >> they seem to be on to something, how they're offering a dream home for a near fraction of the cost. just wait until you hear the very flat rate when we come back. >> how would you like to win a $680,000 house on the coast of france for $12 in want a bad deal. that's the way a new french real estate company is selling homes these days. this is very creative. the company sells chance toss win a house for $12. after it collects enough money for the property, cost, and commission, a lottery ticket is drawn, and t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4